CompSpec supplies to the majority of agriculture products and equipment manufacturers through its thermoforming customer base. We can produce a wide variety of colour and texture combination to meet your needs.
Our custom-made polymer sheets are a proven solution to replace metal parts owing to their excellent resistance to chemicals, UV and impacts. Animal and agriculture management is relatively challenging industry application due to lack of set standard products like automotive, however, our products remain strongly positioned in the market increasing longevity of the service life.

Key performance requirements

  • Strain resistance
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering, chemicals, acids, bases and alkalis
  • Durability with longer continuous performance
  • Excellent Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-microbial properties


ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Poultry Enclosure Roof1200 , 3000, 7000
Hen Entry Flap3000
Poultry Belt 1200
Nesting Boxes1200 , 1400, 7000
Conveyor Belts 1200 , 1400
Feeding Troughs 1200 , 7000
Enclosure Walls1200 , 7000
Livestock Stalls1200, 7000
Slatted Livestock Flooring7000
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