As part of our forward integration strategy, we set up a thermoforming division to make final parts, components and assemblies to service the needs of the Automotive, Transportation and Medical Device markets.

With a large vacuum forming machine; Zylog is practically able to make all parts required in the transportation industry – including railways, aerospace, commercial vehicles, busses and off the road vehicles.

Our capabilities include

  • Vacuum Forming: 3 mtr X 2 mtr X 800 mm draw
  • CNC: Dual bed, 3 mtr X 2 mtr X 950 mm 
  • Manual trimming
  • Heat welding components for assembly of final parts
  • Conceptualising, Designing & Prototyping
  • Built to Print, Built to Design capabilities
  • Design / Forming feasibility verification
Thermoforming Machine

As a fully integrated manufacturer from compounding to sheeting to thermoforming; Zylog is well positioned to provide significantly lower costs to OEM customers, by virtue of controlling a major part of the supply chain and also provide our customer with the advantage of Zylog’s Recycling Loop®

Zylog promotes recyclability and our entire range of products are 100% recyclable. We offer our customers cost efficient recycling loops, thereby reducing their waste generation and hazardous disposal concerns.

Applications manufactured by us

Electric Vehicles Trims

Lightweighting and aesthetics are key drivers for EV panels and trims, besides cost reduction. We have replaced ABS parts with rigid TPO – to provide weight reduction by way of density, while providing superior UV resistance, NVH properties and eliminating rattling noise.

EV Inner Roof


Dashboard, Inner Roof, Pillar Trims, Back Panel

EV Door Trim


Front Panel, Exterior Roof, Bumpers, Side Cover Trims, Door Panels

EV Outer Roof

Under body

Battery Box Cover, Side Trims, Wheel Arch Liners, Number Plates

Commercial Vehicles

Cost reduction and higher fuel efficiency drive material selection criteria for commercial vehicles. Besides this, there are regulatory concerns around road safety.

We manufacture parts for CV’s using HMW PE as well as high impact TPO materials, that provide excellent UV weatherability, excellent ESCR, chip and mar resistance while being sturdy and durable under tough conditions.

CV Dashboard


Dashboards, Door Trims, Pillar Trims, Overhead Bins, Back Panels, Covers & undercarriage trims for beds.

Formed Carpet


Front Panels, Grills, Bumpers, Roofs & Hoods, Bedliners for cargo trucks

Fender and WAL

Under body

Fenders, Wheel Arch Liners, Battery Box Covers, Tool Boxes

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