Since most of the medical equipment are electrically operated apparatus and also are operated in controlled safety environment, the material specification norms are stringent. Our wide range of sheets are used in global markets, as most of our materials meet healthcare related international and European standards. CompSpec has been supplying engineered sheets to medical and healthcare sector for over a decade.
We offer a range of products with right physical properties, colours, textures, chemical resistance, and wide radio frequency resistance to meet the needs of leading equipment manufacturers’ globally.

Key performance requirements

  • Flame retardant
  • Chemical resistance
  • Higher insulation
  • Durability with longer continuous performance
  • Wide radio frequency resistance
  • Good aging with time


Medical Devices

ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Device Housings1200, 1400, 7000
Claddings1200, 1400, 7000
Soft Touch Surfaces3000, 5000
Anti Bacteria / Anti-Fungi Surfaces1200, 1400
Dental Unit1200, 1400, 7000


ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Medical Furniture1200, 1400, 7000
Hospital Beds7000, 3000
Room Separators1200, 1400, 7000
Cupboard Panels1200, 1400, 7000
Potable Isolation Wards1200, 1400, 7000
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