Light weighting is one of the major factors in electric vehicles to accommodate the weight of the heavy battery packs. Also, lighter body structure helps to achieve the longer miles of range. CompSpecâ„¢ sheets are relatively lighter as compared to other materials while provide excellent strength and structural strength.

Our strong presence in conventional passenger car market helps the customers to rely as we hold a strong position in the value chain. Electric vehicles are expensive to the customer and at that price point – customers expect premium touch and feel of the cabin. Our range of soft touch TPO skin can help you achieve these goals.

Key performance requirements

  • Lightweight
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering, chemicals, acids, bases and alkalis
  • Formability and recyclability
  • Higher insulation – reduced in-cabin noise and heat
  • Durability with longer continuous performance
  • Lower cost through – process and parts consolidation, innovative higher performance materials
  • Higher degree of luxury, aesthetics


ApplicationsGrade Series
TPO Skin For Interiors - IP, Doors5000
Parcel Shelf - Lightweight5000
Floor Carpets3000
External Panels1200, 7000
Bumpers7000, 1400
Interior Trim1200, 1400,7000
Wheel Arch Liners1400, 3000
Under-Body And Bonnet1400, 3000 , 5000
Grilles, Badges, Logos7000
Boot Liners5000, 7000
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