Automotive and transportation industry consistently demands innovative and high-quality soft-touch parts for interiors. CompSpec 4000 range of flexible skins and laminates made with Zylog’s proprietary TPO formulation, are engineered to provide the sensation of soft-touch, while performing against critical functions, at the same time meeting different processing requirements – Negative Vacuum Forming (NVF), Male Vacuum Forming (MVF).

CompSpec range of flexible TPO skins, foils and laminates are used for thermoforming onto rigid substrates for automotive interior applications. These laminates deliver high aesthetics, enhanced haptics, luxurious soft feel while ensuring low emissions, low odour, good scratch and stain resistance. These laminates consist of TPO coated on compact substrates or fabrics with a topcoat and bottom primer where required. Replaces PVC.


  • Soft deflection and haptic
  • Excellent IMG grain transfer from tool to component
  • Various possibilities of haptics and feel
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering
  • Lightweight
  • Low gloss/high gloss
  • Low Emission – VOC, Odour, Fogging
  • Low moisture absorption
  • RoHS, REACH Compliance
  • Free from Halogen, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, Solvents, Formeldehyde, Acetaldehyde


  • Automotive Interiors: Instrument Panel / Dashboard, Center Console, Door Panels
  • Airline Interiors – Business Class, First Class cabin parts



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4170-265 Composite

Composite Soft Top + Hard Bottom

Custom Grades manufactured to order

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