CompSpec™ sheets are and excellent replacement to ABS, PMMA and other multi-layer sheets for manufacturing parts and covers for appliances and furniture.

With excellent aesthetics and structural properties, snap fit capabilities, hinge property, scratch and mar resistance, CompSpec™ sheets are designed for vacuum, drape and pressure forming. Specific sheets are made for thin gauge continuous forming.

Key performance requirements

  • Lightweight 
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering 
  • Higher noise and heat insulation 
  • Durability with longer continuous performance 
  • Scratch Resistance 
  • Chemical Resistance – Acids, Bases, Alkalis, Fungi and Bacteria 


White Goods

ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Motor Housing1400, 7000
Back & Bottom Covers - Dryer, Wash M/C, Dish Washer & Fridge1200, 1400, 7000
Wall Socket Face Guard1200, 1400
Keyboard Keys1400, 3000

Consumer / FMCG

ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Anti-slip Mats3000
Bath Mats3000
Fish Pond Liners 3000
Fishing Box1200, 1400
Camping Equipment 1200, 1400, 7000
Roof Boxes - Over Cars 1200, 7000


ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Play Panels1200, 1400
Play Equipment - Slides etc1200, 1400
Play Components1200, 1400
Play Systems & Modules1200, 1400
Playground Signages1200, 1400
Playground Applications1200, 1400
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