CompSpec™ range of sheets service a wide variety of material handling pallets, trays and pads. These sheets are more durable compared to simple PP/PE sheets, offering longer life and thus longer number of service cycles.

Companies and consumers are now increasingly demanding products that reduce their environmental footprint as well as promote multi-use, reusable material handling and packaging systems. Such materials need to be robust, durable and easy to form.

CompSpec™ sheets are available in several colours, grades and mechanical properties. Rigid packaging for material handling require superior performance protecting the packaged goods during all sorts of mishandling. These sheets are designed for easy mouldability – thick gauge, thin gauge, vacuum forming, pressure forming, batch forming, continuous forming, while providing low thinning, high draw ratios, all at an economical cost.

Key performance requirements

  • Excellent Scratch Resistance
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering, chemicals, acids, bases and alkalis
  • Excellent low temperature impact resistance
  • Excellent bonding/weldable properties
  • Durability with longer continuous performance
  • Anti-slip, soft touch to protect components inside


  • Conductive
  • Dissipative
  • ESD
  • Anti-Static


Material Handling

ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
Component Transit Trays1200 , 1400, 7000
Pallets1200 , 1400, 7000
Layer Pads1200 , 1400
Internal Dividers 1200 , 1400
Conductive / ESD / Anti-Static Trays1200 , 1400

Packaging for Transportation

ApplicationsGRADE SERIES
General Industrial Boards1200 , 1400, 7000
Precise Machined Component Trays1200 , 1400, 7000
Pallets1200 , 1400, 7000
Furniture Packaging1200 , 1400
White Goods Packaging1200 , 1400
Printed Circuit Boards Packaging1200 , 1400
Electronics Packaging1200 , 1400
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