CompSpec 5000 series is a range of advanced composites bi-laminates, tri-laminates, based on thermoplastic olefins, laminated with a variety of substrates, reinforced with high strength fibers and fillers, providing high impact and abrasion resistance with exceptional strength, yet light weight.

Zylog’s extensive compounding know-how coupled with technical expertise in manufacturing materials and converting them into extruded sheets allows us to produce the finest rigid composite laminate solution for practically any possible application.

These laminates are exceptional alternatives to wood, ceramic, FRP and metal, allowing designers to design lighter weight structural components, reduce energy costs thus reducing carbon footprint across the supply chain; extend product life thus reducing product lifecycle costs.


  • Durable, tough, very high strength
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and weathering
  • Low Emission – VOC, Odour, Fogging
  • RoHS, REACH Compliance


  • Truck Floors, liners and side panels
  • Refer Truck Insulation Panels
  • Railway coach components
  • Air Cargo loaders
  • Soft feel Instruments Panels
  • Stiffening components in industrial applications – wind turbine blades, oil and gas components
  • Defense applications – ballistic resistance panels, shelter frames, portable structures



grades & materialother specific characteristicsdatasheets

5000-01 Composite

Flexible TPO + Non Woven PET

5000-02 Composite

Flexible TPO + Glass Fabric

5000-03 Composite

Flexible TPO + PP Fabric

5000-04 Composite

Flexible TPO + Jute Non Woven

5000-05 Composite

Rigid TPO + Non Woven PET

5000-06 Composite

TPO sandwiched Non Woven PET layers

5000-06 Composite

Flexible TPO + Foam

Custom Grades manufactured to order

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