We offer a comprehensive range of Conductive, Dissipative and Anti-static sheets for a wide array of applications.

Friction induced electrostatically charged parts can be risky for humans and areas prone to fire, as dust can ignite sparkovers. Static charges damage sensitive electronic components, erase magnetic media, cause fires in flammable environments. Conductive plastics are suited in such applications, that help dissipate such charges, while maintaining performance requirements.

Zylog’s extensive compounding expertise and R&D experience, has helped develop a range of ESD sheets and laminates, which are exceptional alternatives to metal and FRP panels. Our sheets and laminates are available in a range surface resistivity as below, based on additive systems that range from carbon black to metal particulates to fiber systems that create a conductive network within the polymer matrix:

  • Conductive: 101 to 106 ohms/sq. 
  • Static Dissipative: 106 to 1012 ohms/sq. 
  • Anti Static: 1010 to 1012 ohms/sq.


  • Excellent Toughness – high rigidity and strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and Weathering
  • Low gloss/high gloss
  • Mid to high draws, low thinning
  • RoHS and REACH Compliance
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, acids, bases, fungi, bacteria


  • Clean Room Applications
  • Semi-conductor Applications
  • Electronic Packaging Trays
  • Electric Car Powertrain
  • Electrical Motor Casing – Continuous service upto 110°C
  • EV charging stations
  • Bins and Dunnages



grades & materialother specific characteristicsdatasheets

1260-02 DIS Modified PP

Dissipative (10^5 - 10^9)

1265-01 ATS Modified PP

Anti Static (10^10 - 10^11)

1265-02 DIS Modified PP

Dissipative (10^9 - 10^10)

1265-05 ATS Modified PP

Anti Static (10^9 - 10^11)

1270-03 CON Modified PP

Conductive (10^3 - 10^5)

1460-06 ATS Modified PE

Anti Static (10^9 - 10^11)

1460-07 DIS Modified PE

Dissipative (10^6 - 10^8)

1465-01 CON Modified PE

Conductive (10^3 - 10^5)

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